Follow up on follow up of the fish moth ambush…


The cleaning out of cupboards and spraying with lavender water continues. All food is in tightly sealed containers. Damp ‘newspaper traps’ are set in the bath @ night. And still the fish moths have not opted for alternative accommodation…

Fynn is teething quite badly at the moment – which means that I frequently wonder the house in the nocturnal hours – where I come across fish moths (night time being their preferred period of the day). In the carpet in our room, on a kitchen counter (!!!???!!!!) and a couple on the kitchen floor.

That’s it people!

I know fish moths are not easily dissuaded from sharing their home with you – and I will continue with the natural means that I have mentioned, but I have also decided to go ahead with the biocide that I referred to in my last post.

Have limited time with work, Fynn, Gray, masters etc to do extensive research on the ingredients, so am relying on the company’s word that the biocide will work (inasmuch as it can with fish moths), and on their interpretation for me of the EU directive and WHO standards I referred to in my last blog – which were just beyond me in terms of my technical understanding and capabilities:).

Essentially how it’s been explained to me (I now tell them its ‘crazy Aimée’ when I call – because I think they think that I am slightly off-balance – maybe because I’m actually asking questions about why these products are eco-smart?:)) is that once sprayed (and the product takes 10 minutes or so to dry), the product creates a thin layer that inhibits the transfer of oxygen – so not good to spray on a body of water, and if fish eat the contaminated fish moths (or other insects in the house subject to the spray) – then they will accumulate the toxins in their body. Contamination of ground water I am told is therefore not a problem – but rather the spraying of the biocide on to the top of a body of water.

We do have a pond on the property (with no fish – but frogs) – but this is situated quite a distance from the house so I think we will be ok here. The biocide will be sprayed a good distance from them.

Apparently the people who apply the spray are not even required to wear a mask while spraying (because the levels of toxicity are so low to humans and other mammals) – and this includes the gentlemen who owns the company who will also be spraying. Though will still keep Fynn far away while they apply the spray as a precaution!!!.

Will let you know how things go…

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