Follow up on the curse of the silver scaled fish moth & its unwelcome presence in our home…


Hello everyone! Hope that you’re all having a great day!

I have been (as you might have been able to tell by my previous post) fixated on (in the most sustainable and healthy way possible) ridding our cottage of fish moths. So much so that this morning when I popped past my pharmacist (who I know well) and starting telling her all the things that I’ve learnt about fish moths (e.g.. they can live for a year without eating – this has REALLY stuck in my mind) – she did give me a strange look, and wondered aloud whether it’s normal for any person (not in the business of pest control) to know so much about fish moths!:)

I think that she may have a point but onwards and upwards as they say:)

Theresa (my housekeeper) and I have been working hard on natural repellents. Given the lacklustre performance of cedar wood over the last few weeks, we have turned to lavender. This involves (as suggested in one of the links that I referred to on my previous post), mixing 100% essential lavender oil with tap water, and spritzing all (nearly) available surface space:). See attached pics of cupboard cleaning taking place on a bi-weekly basis at the moment. First clean the cupboard, then vacuum all the crevices in the cupboard, and follow up with spritzing of lavender spray.

The tools required, cleaning out & vacuuming! Cleaning out! Vacuuming of cupboards

Too soon to tell whether or not this has been effective – but our home does smell lovely:)

John and Susannah, thank you so much for your comments! I had no idea that there was such a thing as ultrasonic pest control devices. I have done some more research on this and have found that they can be bought in SA , but have found that there are some questions as to how effective this method really is in getting rid of all pests –

Still. Something to consider…

As a final option, you guessed it, we may need to consider pesticide/biocide. Am looking for biodegradable, non-harmful to people, animals (other than fish moths) and plants…

A South African company who advertises that they do eco-friendly pest elimination (luckily I’m deciding who is the pest, and not the fish moth colony in our home) has sent me some information as to the products that they use to ‘take care’ of fish moths (see below). The treatment has to be done at least twice because fish moths apparently lay eggs on a daily basis – and so you first have to work on the fish moths, and then the one’s that have hatched since the last intervention…

fendona-2 copy


This biocide is apparently harmful to fish though – so care has to be taken not to get it into waterways or ponds etc. when applying it.

Brace yourself – this is the part where it all gets quite technical, and I am a little more than confused.

The EU directive that the biocide is stated to comply with is set out here (I must say that I just read the overview which emphasises the importance of human and environmental health). This apparently requires that it comply with the World Health Organisation classification hazard – see

The information provided to me by the company also states that the relevant biocide is a ‘class 3 hazard’.
In the following link which deals with ‘health hazards’ – – ‘classifications’ as opposed to ‘classes’ are referred to in so far as health is concerned. The link – which then deals with ‘environmental hazards’ refers to a whole other bunch of categories! So confusing to a layman (ie. me:))! Not actually sure where this product fits in with these regulations….

Will get more information and update you!


2 thoughts on “Follow up on the curse of the silver scaled fish moth & its unwelcome presence in our home…

  1. Tanja Maric

    Dear Aimee
    You are a hoot- love your blog.
    Lavender Stay-Soft satchels work very well in any clothing cupboard or where you may be storing Linen or duvets- throw a bag in- makes everything smell so wonderful too. Also good for stored items, is to add one of those old fashioned bars of Sunlight soap- the green ones? Dried Lavender made in to small little pouches are great to hide in Sofa’s and between books on the shelf, to keep critters away. Lastly there is the famous Fendona- When my Granny died, not only did we inherit a farm, but a bug, gogo and nunu, wasp infested farm. It was simply phenomenal where these critters decide to house- The computer Hard-drive for example. This is where Fendona came to the resque. One has to dilute it and then it goes in a spray pump container and one sprays a fine mist. Has to pack away food and cover ones inhaling devices somehow, so as not to breathe any in, but it certainly worked. Sometimes still spray the garden, to get rid of Mosquito’s. Now I have absolutely no idea regarding it’s Harmfulness- Maybe that’s why I am a bit touched :)? The pets seem fine and us humans, so I think it may be part of the solution?

  2. Love the references to gobos, bugs and nunus Tanja! That’s exactly the problem:) Good old sunlight soap bars – had no idea! Thank you – I need all the tips that I can get!:)

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