“This is ours”….


I loved reading this post by Seth Godin entitled “This is ours”…( http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2014/07/this-is-ours.html)

In my last post I commented on my learnings around the meaning and importance of resilience, and how, for us (and our children) to achieve this, we must recognise that we are all inter-related and interconnected – and that our actions will impact on others, and vice versa.

Seth makes a point in his post entitled “This is ours” related to what I was trying to say. Seth speaks of a well-dressed man he saw walking alongside a cycle path that turfed an empty water bottle into the surrounding woodlands. Seth asked the man in question to please ‘don’t do that’. The man meanwhile seemed taken aback at why Seth would be at all concerned about what he did with his empty water bottle! It’s not like the woodlands belonged to either of them!

Perhaps Seth is right when he says that in our “connection economy” where we increasingly share resources (not just natural – digital etc) – some people might begin to actually feel disconnected from the resources, that they belong to someone else, and therefore not treat those resources with care or respect, as they might if they felt the resource belonged to them.

For me – this links back in with the concept of interconnectedness and resilience. We do need to recognise that the resources we have available to us as a society are “ours” and that we must treat and use them with care – for our benefit, and the benefit of others. We also need to let people know that this is how we feel; that this is important to us.

Today I had to make a quick stop at a shop. After parking my car, I saw somebody park their car in a paraplegic-allocated bay and saunter away (apparently not suffering any difficulty).

I steamed for a bit, took a photo of his license plate, thought about what I was going to do with the picture – and noticed that the security guards were starting to look at me suspiciously – like I might be trying to steal the car! (my get-up as a Mom in a ‘mom mobile’ but just be a very good disguise for me getting up to no good:)).

I left, ran my errand and when I got back – noticed the car was still there. I then decided to give the person the benefit of the doubt (perhaps they had not seen the paraplegic marking) while alerting them to the fact that he had in fact parked in a paraplegic bay (left a polite note (very polite I promise:)) on his windscreen under the sharp scrutiny of the security guards).

I do think it is important to care, and to let people know (in a calm and respectful manner) that we care.

Off to Cambridge tomorrow! Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!

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