Fynn and I and Resilience…


Ok. So Fynn and I have disappeared off the radar for a while. In so far as our blog is concerned anyway – we are so sorry!

Fynn has not slept through or woken up less than 3 times a night – since, well since he was born:) which, with him turning 9 months old on the 7th of July – means that Mom (me:)) and Dad (Graham) are very much in survival mode. To give you an idea of the current state of affairs – please find attached a pic of what I understand my husband believes me to look like in the morning…Image

… ai yai yai…. Not good, I know! Even Fynn is shocked – see attached pic of Fynn looking appropriately horrified!:)


Sustainability is, however, very much on the radar. Just not in the same way that I intended when I first started writing this blog.

Yes – we are still trying to keep up with all the basics – monitoring and being careful about the electricity and water we use (most of the time); trying to make educated decisions about the food and toiletries we buy, and where they come from (this continues to make shopping very difficult and time-consuming – have to go to a whole range of shops to get what I need (Woolies, Dischem, green grocer, butcher) and am comfortable with us all eating. This does mean more driving, diesel and time – not so sustainable. But that I do feel (a little bit more) comfortable with what we eat. Note to self: must look into grocery shopping online and the sustainability of this – I know that Alex raised this question some time back); recycling our waste (as much of it as we can) etc, etc…(Please do send me any good ideas that you are currently implementing at home so that we can give these a try too!)

But – what I have really been focused on, what has really got me excited, interested and the blood pumping is this dawning, this realisation that hit me straight in the face a couple of weeks back!

It is good to focus on the small things that we can do in our home, and we must continue to do this and try to do better at it. BUT what is gold, invaluable, life-changing – is the understanding that we, each of us in this world (us in our home; our colleagues, family and friends; the people who work for us; the people we work for; the people who live down the road in Alex; the vendors on the side of the street and the swanky businesses in Sandton) – all live in the same world, and that we are all interconnected and interdependent on each other. And this is just a small microcosm of life in Joburg!

What gobble-dee-gook am I speaking? I’m not entirely sure but I think it is this…

The world is changing. For Fynn to be happy and to thrive – Graham and I must do our best to give him the skills to be resilient, we ourselves must learn to be resilient (not easy when you’re a bit older and a bit stuck in your ways:)) – and the world in which we live must be resilient. What is resilience? The ability to adapt to changing conditions and continue to do well in it.

How can we do this? Again, I’m not at all sure. I’m right at the beginning of this journey. What I do know is that resilience starts with a few things:

-) acceptance of the fact that the world is changing,

-) making it your business to be aware of what is happening in the world around you;

-) understanding that we and all people, businesses, organisations, organisms and animals live within the same system. That we are all inter-related, and we all need to have our interests protected, if we we are all going to thrive; and

-) sharing this knowledge with our children in the way we bring them up – so that hopefully they too will live their lives, interact with people, make decisions, operate businesses, use our natural resources etc with this understanding in mind.

If the world in which Fynn is to grow up is to be a good one, I must recognise that Fynn’s happiness and wellbeing is ultimately (beyond the walls of our home, and the best possible opportunities that Graham and I will try to make available to him) connected to the state of our country, our government and our economy (and that of the global economy); the living-conditions of our fellow citizens; the actions of our corporate citizens and the state of our natural resources.

That’s it. My piece for the day said. I hope that this makes some kind of sense and resonates in some way with you.

Wishing you all a fantastic week ahead!




2 thoughts on “Fynn and I and Resilience…

  1. Hi Aimee, great blog and you are so correct about everyone and everything being interrelated and interconnected. I don’t want to use the ‘systems’ term as we have heard so much about that in Cambridge, but its so true! We do live in a crazily connected system in every way possible.

    I wanted to quickly respond to your request for ideas to reduce your waste in the home, and one thing i have recently started doing more and more of and loving, is composting all of our food waste (not meat). It is amazing how much food scraps we normally get through in a week, and since we have started composting, we have reduced drastically how much we send to landfill which is great, and we end up with top quality soil for the garden in a few months time, win win! I love reducing waste, and i love gardening so everyone is a winner here 🙂 Anyway just thought I would send you some hugs and say how i laughed at the picture of you with your coffee in the morning, too funny! Looking forward to seeing you in August!

    • Thanks so much Lorna! I know – I also laugh every time I see that picture:)

      We are actually composting at the moment too – v easy to do because we live in a complex and they take our food waste and scraps and compost them for us – and then use it for the complex gardens. But something I’m going to have to start doing on my own given that we’re moving soon!

      So looking forward to seeing you in August too!

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